Glenys Vargas embodies the heart and soul of R&B fused with the ardor of Soul and peppered with the sultriness of a classic Hollywood star.  She possesses a soulful voice that is sweet and luscious like luxurious silk.

As you glide along her musical notes, you can feel the influences of your favorite singers. Alicia Keys and Beyoncé come to mind on Glenys’ R&B tracks. A hint of Ella Fitzgerald with an Erykah Badu twist can be felt in her Jazz. While her Latin roots and NYC influences are present in her songs, her spirit and intensity beam through like the sparkle of a million stars.

 Glenys Vargas is a world-class triple-threat, having mastered the arts as a singer, dancer and actor. She has performed in hundreds of cities, in over 15 countries, spanning three continents. After living in Rome for several years, she has just relocated to Luxembourg. Being in the center of Europe makes it easy for her to travel throughout Europe for performances and is available to perform anywhere around the globe.

She hails from a little island located just off the coast of America, which boasts the most diverse population representing all the countries of the world…

New York City!

She began her career at the young age of 13, initially focusing her career on Musical Theatre where her many talents were most useful. Although she wasn’t around during the 60’s, she found herself living them on stage in almost every 60’s rock musical ever written, such as Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Little Shop of Horrors, Beehive, Elvis-The Musical, The Buddy Holly Story, Ain’t Misbehavin’ and many others. While she toured the globe, she hit the music scene, performing everywhere she found a microphone and a stage.

Glenys Vargas serenades your senses in  a variety of genres which reflect her New York City heritage. The city is the breeding ground for Jazz, Musical Theatre, Gospel, Soul, Rock, R&B, House, Electronica and Latin music. Anyone growing up in New York City will have been infused with most of these genres of music as part of their patrimony. While in many parts of the world, singers imitate American music and consider each genre a new skill. These genres are all part of the American culture and artistic endowment. It is part of Glenys’ nature to sing the music she was raised with.

Glenys first hit the airwaves when she was part of the teen girl group, Mamba (BMG). Her variety of performances include: Off-Broadway, International Tours, TV, Film, Commercials, Concerts, Radio, Modeling (Gaultier & Versace) and numerous recording projects worldwide. She is a versatile vocalist who continuously performs throughout Europe singing with her Hip-Pop teammate, London-rapper, Kevin Ettienne; her Jazz band that can range from a classic duet to a full big band; several Gospel choirs, where she performs with other American singers living in Europe; her R&B group or accompanied by international DJs. Glenys has also graced the stage at many exclusive events where she has performed for world-famous people ranging from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to legendary film director, Michelangelo Antonioni where her performance was included in the film, ‘Con Michelangelo’.

Glenys Vargas has written and recorded for several projects: Love Project, which reached #1 on the Milan House music charts; Piu Blu Alpha- Chillout/Jazz; Los Angeles Sound Experience – distributed worldwide as a promotional CD for the launch of Pall Mall’s LA marche. Her single ‘I Get High On…’, perhaps the only anti-drug House song ever written, reached #1 on the Miami House music charts when it was featured at the DJ Music Conference.

Glenys may currently reside in Europe but she enjoys traveling to other countries  and therefore has set her career in motion on an international scale. After appearing on the 2010 Eurovision stage in Oslo, Norway with the Albanian contestant, Juliana Pasha, the media begged for more. This motivated Glenys to team up with London-rapper, Kevin Ettienne. Together they have created a unique sound that transcends borders. This theme can be felt in their first song together, ‘Let the Music Unite Us’ which was written and composed by Glenys Vargas, while the rap was penned by Kevin Ettienne.

Due to their charismatic and energetic performance style, they were invited to perform at Suncane Skale in Montenegro in the summer of 2011. Their song, Power:Positive, was very well received. For this song, they teamed up with Azerbaijan’s top producer, Isa Melikov who composed Power:Positive and is producing the albums for 2010’s Eurovision winners. Glenys is also in constant demand as a lyricist. She was requested to write the lyrics for Nikki Jamal, one of Eurovision’s winners in 2011 and has written or translated lyrics for singers from all over the world.

Glenys currently resides in Europe, where she sings, paints, writes, designs and lives, yet she considers herself a citizen of the world.