feat. Kevin Ettienne

This Hip-Pop Duo has taken the world by storm with their unique sound. Glenys Vargas’ R&B/Jazz vocals mixes exceptionally well with Kevin Ettienne’s London Rap style which are fused with his Caribbean influences. Their performance is pure energy and charisma. This is the ideal group for a music festival, live concert or televised performance. The backing tracks are pre-recorded in a top-of-the-line studio but lead vocals are performed live. Dancers and backing vocalists can be added upon request.


The Jazz Big Band adds absolute excitement to an event or concert. In addition to Glenys Vargas’ lead vocals, it comprises a ten-piece ensemble that is full of energy. The Jazz Big Band is the desired combination for a music festival, concert or televised performance. Additional lead singers and backing vocalists can be added upon request.


There is a lot of power packed into this condensed package. Glenys Vargas’ sultry R&B vocals are coupled with the powerful complex sounds of a guitar, which at times is acoustic and other times…well, hold on to your hat! This combination is ideal for small venues, restaurants and intimate settings. Additional musicians can be added upon request.


This high-energy choir is composed of American Gospel singers living in Europe. The choir can include as many elements as you desire. The choir is composed of lead vocalists who have each made a name for themselves around the globe and is accompanied by a pianist. Additional musicians can be added upon request. Whether it be a Christmas concert, Easter celebration, wedding ceremony, music festival or corporate event, this Gospel choir will be an ideal addition in order to get the crowd clapping and joining in with all the joy the choir exudes.


This is the perfect selection for a Jazz festival or an upscale event, whether it be a corporate party or private celebration. The Jazz Quintet frames Glenys Vargas’ vocals with a piano, bass, drums and saxophone. It is vivacious and varied in its performance and infectious in its energy.


Everyone loves a classic and this is the classic jazz combination for any event. The Jazz Quartet is composed of Glenys Vargas’ vocals, piano, bass and drums. It adds sophistication to every performance.


When you need a touch of class, you need this Jazz Trio, which comprises Glenys Vargas’ vocals, piano and bass. It sets an elegant mood to your event with its soft and seductive sound.


Simply piano and Glenys Vargas’ vocals, create the magical combination for an intimate evening. This is ideal for cozy locations that desire an air of romance. The Jazz Due is pairs perfectly with restaurants, small venues and elegant cocktail hour events.