Glenys Vargas is an experienced lyricist and songwriter that is available for new projects.


Lyrics are a very important component of a song and too many artists believe that they are insignificant. However, when a song has meaning and the words make sense, they can trigger strong emotions in the listener. While in some genres, simple and catchy lyrics are the norm, you must keep in mind that the lyrics need to make sense.
Glenys includes a recording of the lyrics she has written in order for the client to understand the intended phrasing and rhythm. In cases where the client’s native tongue is not English, the recording will aid in attaining the preferred pronunciation for the genre.
Any necessary changes to the lyrics must first be approved by Glenys Vargas before the recording is finalized.  


Glenys Vargas has written lyrics for numerous international artists, including Nikki Jamal, one of Eurovision’s winners in 2011. Glenys writes lyrics that are appropriate for the genre and create the desired feel and effect, whether it be Pop, Jazz, Country, R&B, Dance, Rock, Musical Theatre, Latin or House. She understands the styles because they all have taken part in her upbringing. As an American from New York City, all these genres are part of her culture.


Glenys Vargas also creates melodies to her lyrics when no melody is provided in the composition. Melodies can be simplified in order to adapt to the client’s capabilities. Melodies are first recorded by Glenys, using the lyrics she has written. Various melodies can be created for each composition.


English versions of lyrics can be provided to songs originally recorded in any other language. The translation will not be exact but will follow the general storyline using realistic English lyrics instead of an unnatural literal translation.


Glenys Vargas also writes and composes complete original songs in the genre and theme of your choosing. She also has access to a top-of-the-line studio where even the entire backing track, mixing and mastering can be completed.

Please submit all inquiries to artist@glenysvargas.com or by filling out the form below.