Eurovision Ireland’s “Thursday Talent Search for Eurovision 2014″ –  with Glenys Vargas

Eurovision Ireland's "Thursday Talent Search 2014" - We look at Glenys Vargas and Kevin Ettienne for Albania, UK, Serbia, Italy and Europe. Photograph courtesy of Glenys Vargas

“The beautiful and talented Glenys graced the Eurovision stage supporting  Juliana Pasha from Albania at the contest in 2010 with the song “It’s All About You”. Juliana was very fortunate to have one of the best supporting singers accompanying her on stage that year. Glenys and the other singers brought power, harmony and swagger to the Eurovision stage.

So we had to have a good catch up with Glenys and see if she would consider fronting an entry at Eurovision in 2014 – and a resounding “YES” is the answer. ‘Eurovision was a wonderful experience for me and my goal is to return with my teammate Kevin as the main artists. I especially enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and learning from their cultures. Personally, I would love to go back with Albania as they were so gracious with us.’

Now Kevin whom Glenys refers to is Kevin Ettienne who is from London and it is his dream to represent the UK at Eurovision. Hence Glenys and Kevin could be a great act for the UK to look for at Eurovision – we will be sending this article to Graham Norton as he is on a mission to find the next British Eurovision Act. ‘We would embrace their culture, language and traditions as best as we can. We are a very outgoing team and would carry that flag proudly and with honor. I believe we did that with Albania.’

Now where does the Italian connection come into the equation – well both Glenys and Kevin happen to live in Rome, Italy. As Glenys said to us ‘we are constantly adapting to different cultures and I feel we know how to make it work. After having traveled to over 15 European countries, I can honestly say that I always try to adapt to the culture and even learn the language.’


Glenys is currently practicing her Serbian since she and Kevin are competing in Montenegro at Suncane Skale next Saturday, June 29th. ‘We came in 4th last year with Love Me/Let Me Go. This year, we will be competing with our new song, ‘Dream!’. We can’t wait to go! Herceg Novi is such a gorgeous place, especially in the summer.’

For a Eurovision act to stand a chance of being successful, they really need to have great chemistry and believe in what they are singing and MUST have a positive attitude. You see so many acts that just don’t translate well to the stage and seem deeply uncomfortable at Eurovision. That is no problem for Glenys and Kevin. Writing, producing, singing and dancing are certainly no problem to this talented duo. Here is a personal favorite of ours from them. I defy anyone to tell me that this fresh sound and slick performance would not be appreciated at Eurovision, especially with the growing numbers of young fans of the contest.


‘We have also written a song with Isa Melikov, the producer for Ell/Nikki, 2011s Eurovision winners. It’s called Power:Positive and the message is one that we really believe in as a team and is a common thread in our song lyrics. There is power in positive thinking, so once we conceive an idea, we then fully believe in those dreams in order to finally achieve them. Right now, that dream is Eurovision 2014.’

Glenys and Kevin have a great vibe to them that is just so infectious. Team that with Glenys’ amazing voice and stage presence, you have to question why she and Kevin have not been snapped up by several countries for Eurovision already. We love their philosophy and think that many others should adopt it – ‘I wish Eurovision were merely a contest featuring the best selection of songs regardless of the country of origin. This way the music would always win. We each love the country we are from but we each have a huge thing in common. We are all part of the same universe and music transcends all borders. Let the music unite us! That is the title of the first song Kevin and I wrote as a team. It was inspired by my experience at Eurovision. Get us to Eurovision and we will do all we can to make that a reality.’

Here is Glenys supporting Juliana Pasha at Eurovision in 2010. Glenys and Kevin to us are an Act that are ready to grace the Eurovision stage in 2014. We are going to call them the Beyonce and Jay Z of Eurovision Land 2014 and one country seriously needs to get them into their national selection. You get an act that understand the meaning of performing on stage and are talented with a strong positive attitude. That goes a long way at Eurovision and makes the work of a Delegation so much easier and enjoyable. Albania, the UK, Serbia, Italy and Europe – are you paying attention!

A huge thanks to Glenys and Kevin for getting touch with us here at Eurovision Ireland and we wish them the best of luck this Saturday in  Montenegro at the Suncane Skale Festival/Contest – June 29th.”

                             Eurovision Ireland Article on Glenys Vargas|Kevin Ettienne

Glenys Vargas takes part in Suncane Skale festival and has a Dream to return to Eurovision

Posted 25 June, 2013 – 19:51 by Ian Fowell

Glenys Varga ©  Glenys Varga/Facebook
Glenys Vargas was on the Eurovision stage in 2010 as a backing vocalist for Albania with Juliana Pasha and the song, It’s All About You.  Now Glenys together with UK rapper, Kevin Ettienne, will compete at the 2013 Suncane Skale festival in Montenegro.

Glenys Vargas is a talented singer/songwriter from New York in the USA and currently resides in Rome, Italy.  She enjoyed every moment of her experience at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with Albania, and this made her determined to return to the Eurovision stage.

In 2010 Glenys teamed up with a rapper from London, Kevin Ettienne.  They started to plan their next move towards Eurovision.  Glenys and Kevin were selected for the 2011 Austrian Eurovision pre-selection with the song Power: Positive.  It was composed with Isa Melikov, who was the producer of Ell & Nikki for Azerbaijan at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, with Running Scared.

Glenys and Kevin competed in the 2012 edition of the Suncane Skale contest in Montenegro with Love Me/Let Me Go and they finished in fourth place.

Now they return to the beautiful resort of Herzeg Novi in Montenegro for the 2013 Suncane Skale festival.  The song this year is called Dream!  You can hear the song below.

Glenys hopes to return to the Eurovision stage as soon as possible and would be happy to represent any country as she would proudly ‘fly the flag and respect the culture and traditions’ of whoever she represented.

You can hear more about Glenys at her You Tube page and you can read more about her and much more at her MySpace and Reverbnation pages.

                             Eurovisionary Article on Glenys Vargas | Kevin Ettienne

ESC Today – USA for Albania – Interview

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ESC Today: USA for Albania – Interview

Eurovision Song Contest – Press Conference

  • Eurovision Song Contest - Press Conference


Eurovision Song Contest – Official Press Conference – Oslo, Norway

Latinos Doing Their Thing presents…

Glenys is a world-class triple threat and has performed in hundreds of cities, in over 15 countries, spanning three continents. She comes from an island just off the coast of America, where you’ll find the most diverse and open-minded people from all over the world, New York City.

Glenys has performed with some of NYC’s greatest Jazz musicians including: Victor Jones, Alex Blake, Saul RubinDarìo Boente. In fact, the name of her band “Café Musica” was given to her by Jazz great, Victor Jones who has played drums with such names as Sarah Vaughn, Bebel Gilberto & Dizzy Gillespie.

Glenys began her career at the young age of 13. As a NYC performer, it was necessary to master a variety of talents. She continually performed as an actor, singer, dancer and model. Glenys first focused her career in Musical Theatre where her many talents were most useful. Although she wasn’t around during the 60′s, she found herself living them on stage in almost every 60′s rock musical ever written, such as Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Beehive etc. While in NYC, she recorder with the girl group Mamba and released a CD through Radikal Records – BMG. While she toured the globe with musicals, however, she also hit the worldwide Jazz scene and performed everywhere she could. Her variety of performances include: Off-Broadway, International Tours, TV, Film, Commercials, Voice-Overs (Sesame Street & Crayons Animation Cartoons), Live Concerts, Modeling (Gaultier & Versace), Radio and several recording projects worldwide.

Glenys’ love for Jazz began when she began to sit in with the Hudson Jazz Ensemble at Shadi & Co, one of NYC’s underground Jazz lofts. This led her to performing at Gary Key’s Place, a jazz connoisseur who held events featuring NYC’s top jazz performers. Glenys then formed her own band to play the numerous gigs she was being offered. Glenys and Café Musica performed in such places as Zinc Bar , Bloom Ballroom & Lounge 31. She could also be seen every Sunday at the very popular Park Avenue Jazz Brunch, Sunday’s at Nong.

Johnnie called her “The Fever Girl”!

Johnnie Walker began pairing their most exceptional Scotch, both Blue and Gold labels, with exceptional Jazz. Johnnie Walker held private Jazz dinners in such exclusive locations as Sotheby’s & City Hall. Glenys would open with “Fever” and end with a private concert.

From The Big Apple to The Eternal City!

Glenys enjoyed NYC but the search for a higher quality of life led her to Rome…as all roads do. She immediately began performing throughout the city at Jazz Café, Doney, Galleria Sordi, Garden of Eden- Terrazzo Bar, Cavalieri Hilton etc.

She also performed at many exclusive events:

  • Michelangelo Antonioni’s 92nd Birthday Celebration – Rome
  • Darina Pavlova’s Birthday Event “Amore Tango” with special guest, Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy – Rome
  • LOVE NightLuminal – Milan
  • BMW – Mini Cooper Launch Event – Sala Cappa / Termini – Rome
  • BMW Events – Ondanomala – Fregene
  • Fashion TV – Suite – Ripa Hotel – Rome
  • Krug Champagne Christmas – La Maison – Rome
  • Krug Champagne Event – Bar Bar – Rome

La mia dolce vita…

Ms. Vargas was featured in the film on Michelangelo Antonioni’s art, “Con Michelangelo”, which played at Roma Art Doc Fest 2005 and at La Casa del Cinema during Rome’s Film Festival.

Since arriving in Rome, she has recorded for several projects:

  • Love Project – The theme song for Love Night which reached #1 in Milan, will appear on over 6 compilations.
  • Più Blu Alpha – a collection of Jazz standards and Bossa Novas with a chill-out twist!
  • Los Angeles Sound Experience – This CD, distributed worldwide, is a promotional gift for the launch of Pall Mall’s LA marche.

Glenys is currently working on recording her first album of her own original jazz songs inspired by her “dolce vita” made in Italy. Her first songs, already performed throughout Rome, have received great acclaim from the audiences: Impromptu, Individuality, I Used to Hope for Blue Skies, A Picture of My World & Confused Again.

Glenys is also one of the founding members of Us Divas and GroovEssence, both of which are vocal groups comprising American singers and a modern repertoire of R&B, Contemporary Gospel and Soul. US Divas is a female trio and GroovEssence is band with six members. They perform throughout Italy at high-end events such as The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election Celebration of Rome and the Salaria Sport Village Gospel & Soul 2009 Christmas Concert.

Ms. Vargas also collaborates with DJs & various musicians to create new music which has brought her into different genres: House, R&B, Soul & Pop. A creative person finds numerous outlets. Glenys has recently started a blog, Glenys’ Rome & Beyond, which boasts a readership of over 5,000 in under three months since its launch. Her goal is to publish a book based on her true accounts of her unique experiences in Rome.

Glenys attracts a young and diverse crowd along with the classic Jazz fans. Her jazz repertoire ranges from Swing to Bossa Novas in Portuguese and from Spanish Boleros to her unique original works all sung with her soulful voice and modern arrangements to bring the future of jazz to the present. Glenys currently lives in Rome, the eternal city, yet she considers herself a citizen of the world.

“Boundaries only lie in our minds and music overcomes them all.”

Being Latino: Latinos Doing Their Thing

Glenys for Eurovision!

“Remember the foxy choir chick behind Albania’s Juliana Pasha on stage in Oslo? We remember thinking she didn’t look very Albanian, and it turns out she’s far from it. Check out the story behind why Albania ended up having three American backing singers on stage, on Glenys Vargas’ blog, and yes it’s her in the middle:

This could have been the end to an interesting story, and it sure is entertaining to get some juicy gossip on Glenys’ blog from behind the scenes from an “outsider gone insider’s” view. We are very sorry that we didn’t get to meet her in Oslo as she sounds like heaps of fun to hang out with.

However, now it seems like the story will continue so let’s join Glenys in Part 2 of her exciting Eurovision adventure. During her experience in Oslo, the native born New Yorker Glenys grew to become a huge Eurovision fan, and we certainly like the ring of that! It just proves to show the universal appeal of this wonderful contest. We already know how crazy the Australians are about Eurovision, a special relationship we learned a whole lot about after reading this nicely penned article on ESCInsight. And we have been told that there’s a growing interest across the pond as well.

Glenys is for the time being based in Rome, Italy and recently we found out that she has started her search for a country to represent in next year’s contest in Düsseldorf, this time as a lead singer. How cool is that? She tried out for Austria first together with London based rapper Kevin Ettienne, but unfortunately none of their entries were among the lucky 30 when the selection got narrowed down first time around. However Glenys is not going to give in that easy and she’s having another shot trying to become picked up by other countries’ selection rounds and we are of course crossing our fingers hoping she will succeed.

One of the songs she entered the Austrian selection with, “Let the Music Unite Us”, Glenys wrote especially with Eurovision in mind and she describes it as a song that makes you dance. It has a pop beat with some world music influences and a touch of David Guetta style plus a Jamaican rap. Although it wasn’t picked up by the Austrians we have a feeling that it perhaps will pop up somewhere else since it has been revealed through Glenys’ fanpage on Facebook that she has shot a video for this song which includes a Flash Mob from Rome. Sounds very exciting and like a nice Eurovision tribute to the pan European Flash Mob we all danced along to some months ago in Oslo.

We have no idea whether Glenys will make it to Düsseldorf as an artist this year, but we love her for trying and for sharing the passion with us. We wish her the very best of luck and recommend our readers to check out Glenys’ Facebook page, to find out more and support her in her quest of finding a country to represent in ESC. Besides, if you are curious about the Flash Mob music video it will be posted there tomorrow!”

Glenys for Eurovision – Good Morning, Europe!

Glenys Vargas Releases New Song

Posted on 03 February 2011.

Glenys Vargas, the backing vocalist of Juliana Pasha (Albania 2010), has released a new song together with rapper Kevin Etienne with the title “Let the music unite us”.

The Flashmob-Video for “Let the music unite us” was recorded in Italy’s capital, Rome. The song was also sent to the Austrian preselection this year, but unfortunately didn’t manage to qualify for the next stage.

Glenys already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as backing vocalist of Albania’s Juliana Pasha in Oslo last year.

ESC Daily

Glenys Vargas ESC-Erfahrung

Die Frau, die sich traut! Glenys Vargas, eine der 3 Background Sängerinnen von Juliana Pasha (Albanien), beschreibt (auf Englisch) in ihrem Blog, welche Erfahrungen sie in Oslo gemacht hat. Ihre umwerfend ehrlichen und häufig sehr humorvollen Bemerkungen, Geschichten und Meinungen suchen ihresgleichen! Sie äussert sich in einer erstaunlichen Offenheit und Direktheit über ihre Mitstreiter und deren Songs, gibt Anekdoten zum Besten und führt die Leser im wörtlichsten Sinne Backstage! Not to be missed!

Glenys “My big fat eurovision experience” findest du hier!

Liebe Glenys, Windmaschinchen will dich 2011 wieder am ESC sehen und hören – diesmal aber centre stage, of course! Und dann darf sich Windmaschinchen auf einen neuen Backstage-Report freuen, dann vielleicht mit dem Titel “My big fat Bockwurst experience” – how about that?

Eurovision Windmachine Article on Glenys Vargas

Glenys Vargas, Thank You!

Glenys Vargas, ein Drittel des US-amerikanischen Backing-Trios im albanischen Act in Oslo, beschreibt in ihrem Blog ihre Eindrücke von Oslo 2010 aus einer ganz eigenen, weil eurovisionär völlig unvorbelasteten Perspektive. Erfrischend, lustig, und einfach interessant zu lesen, wie jemand aus den USA, der völlig unbedarft und zufällig in diesen Contest gerutscht ist, diesen Zirkus erlebt hat.

Wenn auch unsere Lovely Lena nicht wirklich gut dabei wegkommt – aber das sind ja alles persönliche Eindrücke, und Glenys (im Foto, Zweite von rechts) und ihre Kolleginnen gehörten und gehören noch immer zu meinen liebstgewonnenen Bekanntschaften beim ESC 2010. Und der Dank an die “German press” ganz unten im Blog-Bericht geht ans uns PRINZler. Thank you Glenys, for your fabulous performance, and for sharing your thoughts on Eurovision in Oslo on your blog!


Prinz Blog Article on Glenys Vargas

Off center-stage: Backup singers in the 2000-2012 Eurovision Song Contests

2010 – Albania

Joy Garrison, Glenys Vargas, Desiree Kedjour

The strongest backing vocals of the night came from Albania’s back-up singers.  At first I thought Albania had exported the Rounder Girls from Austria 2000; but instead these three ladies were Americans.  I could tell you about how these three American ladies become Juliana Pasha’s back-up singers, but Glenys Vargas’s blog entry (link below) gives a good summary.  She also does not hold back! http://glenysromeandbeyond.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/my-big-fat-eurovision-experience/

ESC United

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunčane Skale 2013 Song List Released

Hello there, Britski here. I’m here again to talk to you about Sunčane Skale 2013. Recently, a list of all the songs and artists due to perform on this year’s Sunčane Skale has been released on the official Sunčane Skale website. Here, I go through Youtube looking for these songs and we’ll take a sneak peek at what this year’s contest has to offer. Keep in mind that, just like in the Bundesvision, just because the song titles have been put out there doesn’t mean that all the songs are out yet, and a few of these I was unable to find. Well, most of them I was unable to find. (More surprises though for the actual contest, I guess). And weirdly, it looks like there is only going to be the ‘Best Summer Song’ part of Sunčane Skale this year, I haven’t seen any news about the ‘New Stars’ thing they had last year.

— Sunčane Skale – Summer Stars Songs:

Glenys Vargas and Kevin Ettienne – Dream! (Britain and America) Well, let’s start off first of all with the British and American joint entry. After coming fourth in last year’s contest, Glenys and Kevin are back again to fly the red white and blue (twice!) and are back with their song Dream. The song’s got a nice message that we all should listen to. And the great thing about Sunčane Skale is that, unlike the Eurovision, we don’t totally suck at it (poor Bonnie). We (and America) could get a good result again this year! GO UK GO USA

Suncane Skale Blogspot

Glenys Vargas con Buzz, viaggio alle radici del blues e del soul.

Glenys Vargas - Kevin Ettienne - Montenegro


Con il soul e il blues del progetto Buzz, ospite la cantante newyorchese Glenys Vargas, la Ghironda torna a Ceglie Messapica, stavolta in abiti invernali, venerdì 20 dicembre (ore 21.30) al Teatro Comunale (biglietti euro 10 in prevendita e 12 al botteghino, info 080.430.11.50), per il secondo appuntamento dell’edizione Winter promossa da Idea Show e aperta venerdì scorso a Martina Franca dal progetto Musica Nuda di Petra Magoni e Ferruccio Spinetti, salutati dal pubblico del Teatro Nuovo con una standing ovation dopo uno splendido concerto in memoria di Nelson Mandela, cui i due musicisti hanno dedicato Blackbird dei Beatles.

Glenys Vargas e la band di Mario Donatone, nome storico della scena italiana della musica del diavolo, proporranno un viaggio musicale alle foci del Mississippi e dentro il soul di Ray Charles, B. B. King, Donny Hathaway, Steve Wonder, Lauryn Hill e Alicia Keys, per una panoramica appassionata, coinvolgente e «all’americana», con le voci in primo piano armonizzate nel più puro stile gospel. Mario Donatone e Glenys Vargas sono due interpreti stilisticamente complementari, più legato al blues il primo, più al soul la seconda, artista che da diverso tempo porta avanti con successo un progetto insieme al rapper Kevine Etienne.

In questo concerto un pezzo di storia della black music viene ripercorso coinvolgendo il pubblico nella gioia del ritmo e del canto collettivo, con la trama strumentale affidata, oltre che al band leader, ad Angelo Cascarano, corista e chitarrista ricco di blues feeling, al batterista Alessandro Massinelli e al bassista Nicola Pasquini, pilastri di una sezione ritmica rocciosa e creativa.

Puglia Live!  Brundisium  Progetto Alchimie  Vivavoce Web  Il Tacco Di Bacco

Libero 24×7  Lo Stradone  RadioLaserTV  Quatro Canale Radio

ESC Stars to perform in Montenegrin Festival

For the 19th year within Montenegro, a Music Festival called Sunčane Skale has been held in the city of Herceg Novi. The festival has been said to take influence from the ESC format as the Festival is described as a “competition” between the artists with 18 previous winners having been found from the previous editions. ESC-related artists from the former Yugoslavian territory are taking part and also ESC-related artists from other countries (such as Switzerland).

Here is a list of the ESC-related artists who will be performing in this year’s festival:

  • Ivana Banfic (Croatian NF)
  • Jelena Kazanegra (Serbia&Montenegro NF – she was in the band NEGRE together with Nina Zizic)
  • Saska Jankovic (Serbian NF 2009 & 2013 – backing artist for Milan Stankovic & Nina)
  • April (Slovenian NF)
  • Igor Cukrov (ESC Croatia 2009)
  • Glenys Vargas & Kevin Ettiene (Glenys was a backing vocalist for Juliana Pasha – Albania 2010)
  • Pamela Ramljak (ex- member of Feminnem)
  • Ivana Martinovic (Serbia & Montenegro NF)
  • Danijel Pavlovic (Marija Serifovic’s brother)
  • Mave O’Rick (Swiss NF 2013)
  • Ellyland (known as Elli in Azerbaijan – she participated in the Azeri NF 2010)

ESC Social

L’Unione Sarda di Martedì 07 Gennaio 2014 Provincia di Cagliari (Pagina 21 – Edizione CA)


Gospel, concerto a San Pietro

Trascinante concerto gospel l’altra sera nella chiesa di San Pietro Pascasio. Neanche un posto libero e tanti in piedi per The New York Gospel Sisters, tre magiche signore americane dalla voce potente e dolce che hanno entusiasmato il pubblico accompagnate al piano da Mauro Mulas, cagliaritano. Il concerto, all’interno della rassegna “Inverno che spettacolo!”, promossa dal Comune, è stato organizzato dalla Cooperativa Forma e poesia nel jazz. In scaletta brani storici e natalizi. «È bello cantare insieme alle persone a cui vuoi bene», dice Glenys Vargas. «Ci piace comunicare il nostro amore per il canto», aggiunge Joy Garrison. «Tutta la musica trasmette feeling, il gospel però è un sentimento che esprime amore». (c. f.)

Меѓународна соработка на Сунчане Скале 2012

Како и изминатите години и оваа година на Сунчане Скале ќе настапуваат изведувачи од целиот свет. Американката Glenys Vargas и Британецот Kevin Ettienne и оваа година ќе ги претставуваат своите држави со песната “Love me/Let me go”, која Glenys и Kevin ја работеа со италијанскиот композитор и продуцент Filippa Saccuccia. Минатата година успешно се претставија со својата песна “Power:Positive”, дело на Азербејџанецот Isa Melikov, продуцент и менаџер на победничката песна на Евровизија 2011, Nikki Jamal.

OGAE Macedonia


Montenegro: Many Balkan stars to compete in Suncane Skale Festival

Many former Eurovision participants and Balkan stars will be competing at the forthcoming 2013 Suncane Skale Song Festival, scheduled to be held in Hercig Novi, Montenegro on 29 June.

Many former Balkan Eurovision participants from Serbia, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and  Bosnia Herzegovina have taken part in this musical extravaganza throughout the years. We must also add all those artists who have competed in above mentioned countries’s Eurovision national selections ie: EMA, Beovizija, Beosong, Montevizija,DORA, Eursong etc.

The “Suncane Skale” Festival  (Sunny Steps Festival) is an annual music festival and  the biggest and most popular one in the Balkan Region. This is year it will take place for the 19th time in the city of Herceg Novi in Montenegro. Lots of ESC related artists will take part at the final on 29th June, ie Igor Cukrov (ESC Croatia 2009), Pamela Ramljak (ex-member of Feminnem BiH 2005 & Croatia 2010), Glenys Vargas & Kevin Ettiene (Glenys Vargas was the backing vocalist of Juliana Pasha in 2010) then from the National Finals, Ivana Banfic (Croatia), April (Slovenia), Saska Jankovic (Serbia), Martinovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Mave O’Rick (Switzerland) and others.

ESC Today

Isernia – Glenys Vargas e Café Musica a La Strada

La Strada Disco Bar di Isernia ospiterà il concerto di Glenys Varga & Café Musica, un quartetto di eccezione che incanterà il pubblico con sonorità jazz rivisitate in chiave moderna. Uno spettacolo, dunque, che piacerà sia agli amanti del jazz sia a quelli che invece preferiscono melodie e brani di più immediata percezione. La Vargas, già nota al pubblico di New York dove ha collaborato con famosi musicisti jazz (Victor Jones, Alex Blake, Saul Rubin, Dario Boente), ha ormai affermato il suo talento anche in Italia, dove canta in occasione di feste esclusive e nei migliori locali di Roma di Milano. Tra le sue esibizioni citiamo quelle in occasione del novantaduesimo compleanno di Michelangelo Antonioni, della festa di lancio della Mini Cooper, dei Christmas party della Krug Champagne.

“E’ un piacere ospitare una band di questa importanza e che siamo sicuri regalerà al pubblico della Strada una serata emozionante e piacevole”, dice Gianni Monfreda, uno dei soci del noto locale isernino, “per noi è un dovere offrire al nostro pubblico spettacoli di qualità, oltre che divertenti”.

Dello stesso parere Valeria Carola dell’agenzia Poshunting che si è occupata dell’organizzazione della serata: “E’ una soddisfazione far esibire a Isernia un gruppo che di solito si esibisce nei party più esclusivi della capitale. Il talento, la bellezza, l’eleganza di Glenys Vargas e la professionalità della sua band, sono sicura, incanteranno tutti”.

La collaborazione tra La Strada Disco Bar e l’agenzia Poshunting continuerà anche per Capodanno, quando, sul palco della Strada, salirà la band di Anna Pisco che creerà la tipica atmosfera da taverna napoletana, con musica dal vivo e performance, per far vivere a tutti un capodanno all’insegna dell’allegria e del divertimento puro.