A letter from the artist:

Dear friends,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have supported me in my career all these years. As you know, I have spent my life chasing my dreams and it is always a pleasure to have people in my life who support me in their own special ways.
Some of you have helped fund some projects, others have donated expertise or use of recording studios and others have simply shared my videos. It is all support and I truly appreciate all of your efforts. This is why this is the most important page on my website. Because it allows me to show that I am extremely grateful to everyone who has ever supported me.
Because of you, I continue to reach for my goals and continue to dream. Because of you, I feel strong and go forward with the certainty that I am on the right path. Because of you, I will continue to write, record, create and perform. Because of you, I continue to pay it forward and pass the torch to those who dream.
From the bottom of my soul, thank you, thank you, thank you.


How to support Glenys Vargas…

There are many ways to support an artist. One way is to watch as many posted videos as possible, share them on your social media pages and ‘LIKE’ them on Youtube, Facebook etc. Writing positive comments on Youtube is also extremely helpful and very appreciated.
Donations are also a great way to ensure that an artist continues growing and investing in future projects. If you would like to donate in order to help Glenys Vargas realize her dreams, please do so by using the ‘DONATE’ button below.
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Glenys’ Angels

My mom and dad, for raising me to follow my dreams.My family and friends for always being there for me and all on this list for funds, services, work referrals and collaborations.

Valerio S.

Kevin E.

Valerie O.

Carla E.

Laura S.

Alfredo T.

Julio F.

LEAD Studios

Aldo A.


Francesco M.


Luciano Z.

Marco C. A.

Francesca G. and her crew of dancers

Danijel S.

Suncane Skale

Ardit G.

Desirée K.

Crystal W.

Joy G.

Nadia S.

Valeria C.